2 cents cart

2019 M:ST Performative Art 124 two cents forms collected names; 20 opinions on topics such as tradition, labour, conformity and what delights the heart; comments

an ordinary hole-in-the-wall along macleod before the railway underpass

2019 Stride Gallery 141 food order forms Collected signatures, answers to questions regarding their preferences in mouth feel and why they eat

Trial Mode Instant Vacations

2019 EMMEDIA Particle + Wave Festival 45 visa applications Collected photos, signatures, answers to questions regarding their sense of agency


2018 Wreck City 167 property ownership contracts collected signatures, initials, last 4 digits of their current debit and/or credit card

Stand-in Tourism

2018 IKG Live 2 57 vacation postcards collected names, preferred fantasy fake vacation in the middle of winter, physical likeness

Perfect Memory: Authentic Gift Shop

2017 The New Gallery 251 Sales Agreements Collected 1 ~ 10 identities & fingerprints. names

[net.café ]

2013 Marion Nicoll Gallery 136 Printed selfies & saved digital files collected webcam selfies, web browsing history, miscellaneous computer data, MS paint drawings