Date: Sunday, August 1st ; one-day event only

Location: 2nd Ave SE; full road between Centre St and Riverfront Ave SE

Event time: 11AM – 9PM

As part of the Calgary Chinatown Artist Residency, this one-day event on 2nd Ave SE will present a prototype of what it would be like if there were dedicated seating and tables for people to hang around, linger, and move through the community at their own pace. By closing the road to traffic, the event encourages people to stay in the heart of Chinatown instead of eating their takeout by the river or on tables elsewhere and to just take a momentary rest. It also encourages people to slow down and pay attention the businesses along that street that visitors may have otherwise not known about. Rather than planned activities, people are welcome to use the space however they wish to. At the end of the event, there will be a joss paper burning ceremony to celebrate and remember Chinatown. The event will also feature seating designed by Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong and images created by Annie Wong.

The Calgary Chinatown Artist Residency is a program commissioned by The City of Calgary Public Art in partnership with The New Gallery.

活動簡介:作為卡爾加里唐人街駐唱藝術家的一部分,這個在東南第二大道舉行的為期一天的活動將會展示一個樣板,如果有專門的座位和桌子供人們閒逛、逗留,並按自己的節奏在社區內活動,唐人街會是什麼樣子的。通過關閉交通道路,這個活動鼓勵人們留在唐人街的中心地帶,而不是在河邊或其他地方的桌子上吃外賣或著短暫地停留一下。它還鼓勵人們放慢腳步,關注沿街的商家,否則遊客可能不知道。與其說這是個有計劃的活動,不如說是歡迎人們隨心所欲地使用這個空間。在活動結束時,將有一個焚燒香紙的儀式來慶祝和紀念唐人街。這個活動還將展出由Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong設計的座椅和Annie Wong創作的圖片。


Translated into Traditional Chinese by Christina Yao.