Project main colour swatch

2 cents cart is a mobile installation and performative artwork modeled after Asian street food and tea carts. Setting up shop over 4 days front of CommunityWise Resource Centre and in Calgary Chinatown, tea and handmade rice cakes were served. Visitors can receive refreshments in exchange for their “two cents” or a monetary donation.


Monday, September 2
4pm – 5pm
CommunityWise Resource Centre

Friday, September 13
7pm – 9pm
Mid-Autumn Festival, Special Menu
Chinatown – Riverfront Ave SW & 2nd Ave SW

Tuesday, September 17
7pm – 9:30pm
CommunityWise Resource Centre

Saturday, September 28
7pm – 9:30pm
CommunityWise Resource Centre


Tea: Matcha

Rice cake: red bean mochi

Tea: Ti kuan yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy)

Rice cake: Snowskin mooncake w/ salted duck egg yolk & white lotus paste

Tea: Hong Kong milk tea

Rice cake: Taiwan-style mugwort rice cake w/ minced pork, radish slices, mushrooms & spices

Tea: Roasted oolong

Rice cake: (Tong but lut 糖不甩) glutinous rice ball in ginger syrup w/ roasted black sesame, coconut & peanuts

Order Form

Each day served a pre-determined set of tea and rice cake for the public to consume. People can choose to pay-what-they-want and/or fill out the form of the day, or their “two cents”:

Day 1 / photos by Dave McGonigal

Day 2 / photos by Caitlind r.c. Brown

Day 3 / photos by Dave McGonigal

Day 4 / photos by Sergio Garcia Palma

250 pieces 1.25″ enamel pin were produced after the project concluded