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Perfect Memory: Authentic Gift Shop is a store where you buy Asian guilt with your identity. In the reality of global cultural intertwining, there is a struggle with defining personal identities. This struggle forms from the differences of expectations and social conditions, between the lived experience and what everything else tells us what we ought to be. Many are questioned of who they are (what kind are you, where are you really from, do you speak your mother tongue, go back home), bringing doubts as to how one can belong in a society that still struggles with understanding its own differences. Asian guilt could be found in this conflict: the fear of abandonment from being too different; retribution from wanting to please our various expected selves. This gift shop is an attempt at creating a culture we want to belong in, but one that is a space formed for exploring conflicting ideals rather than discarding them. The shop is open for cultural clarity and conversations, and we ask that visitors take insecurities, failings, traumas and sufferings with kindness and give back understanding and acceptance. Visitors are welcome to buy the products available in the store. Products come in the form of DVDs, books, keychains, lucky charms, clothing, lapel pins, various food cans, and more. Items in the store cater to and carry different styles, based on what someone is capable of giving.

SAD LTD, Scripted Asian Dreams Limited, produces high-quality goods developed by qualified Asian-Canadians. We aim to provide precious gifts for our customers for themselves or to give to others. Locally assembled in a global context, all of our products pass through genuine quality and content control. Through our product offering, we ensure that we contribute to vibrant and thriving communities by unburdening our customers. We believe in making the world a better place through soft memories and inspiring tender dreams. We are based and operate in Calgary, Canada.

Product line: apparel, books, canned goods, DVDs, chives, lucky charms


All apparel is free size.

*sigh* embroidered pink hat

10 editions

“Shame” silkscreened grey sweatshirt

10 editions
“im trying” silkscreened cream t-shirt

10 editions


This series utilizes books as a form to explore and experiment with a range of topics, such as fan fiction, postcards, notebooks with seedlings, and exercise books.

Most books were handbound with thread and glue.

Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here is a series of postcards for those who travel to, even if only temporarily, become the foreigner and tourist they feel like they are at home.

Postcards can be pulled off from the book and be sent anywhere by mail.

Book is bound by custom padding compound, allowing the pages to tear off from the spine without damage to the postcard and the book itself.

10 editions

Atomic Fresh Fiction

Atomic Fresh Friction (AFF) is a compilation of multi-fandom fanfictions. AFF is a platform for writers and readers to form fresh perspectives on how the many stories, narratives, and characters that exist in our world can come together to create interesting friction, bringing about new ideas, thoughts, feelings, and, perhaps, ways of living together.

Pseudonyms I used as “authors”:



– – – – –



Book is perfect bound, including pages of printed labels and a whole section made in vellum.

10 editions

The Book of Exotic Flora & Fauna

The Book of Exotic Flora and Fauna are notes and observations on how things of an exotic origin adapt to displacement and new environments.

Illustrated by 臭屁蟲
Written by 大頭蝦

Saddle stich with cream copy paper.

10 editions

Exercise Book

Exercise Book is a series of exercises one can go through to find and expose things that are hidden or not easily recognizable.

This book contains: word search, Who Am I?, I Spy, Connect the Dots, and Guess the Word

Coil bound copy paper with plastic backing.

10 editions

Everything is made in _ _ _ _ _

This guide will cover many things one may encounter in everyday life as an Asian-North American (henceforth just Asian/ASIAN): from songs to some facts to catchphrases one can use in awkward situations to testimonials from others just like you.

Whether a recent immigrant or < than 1st generation person, this book is meant make your life okay, normal and understandable to others and, especially, you.

Book features removable stickers, labels and a middle section where pre-printed post-it notes can be used.

Plastic comb bound; assorted coloured copy paper.

10 editions

Local’s Lunar Almanac 2017

The Local’s Lunar Almanac is the perfect resource to navigate daily life through the moon and sun. This Almanac can help guide you through ambiguous moments in life. Like the push and pull of these celestial bodies, we try to find balance through differing forces.

This book is made to be of perfect size to carry around with you, for sudden situations or need of instant comfort.

Perfect bound; canary copy paper and red cardstock.

10 editions


Yolkless by t is a compilation of seasonal thoughts, feelings, memories, moods and vignettes made by they/them/those/that/there/this.

“Destiny is the like the yolk at the centre of an egg.

Without its presence, you feel empty.”

~ p. 240

Do you know who I am…?

Sometimes I say too much.

Yes, I’ve changed. I’m sorry.

What will happen to me when the snow melts?

Hardcover and sewn with red thread; canary paper and yellow felt cover.

10 editions

Canned Goods

All the products offered on this shelf were re-labeled to better reflect how one may feel like a canned product: atomized into exoticized and desirable parts and processed to sit around to be used when needed. The new labels retain the ingredients list and nutritional information from the original labels.

10 editions for each product


This DVD collection ranges from reactions to moving diaries to video mixtapes. Each DVD offers different insights into products, rituals, and music that are obscured by everyday life, but also offer connection and comfort to those who need it.

DVD cases ranged from typical plastic to those built with paper boards and stitched together with thread, forming a book or booklet with the DVD housed in the custom-made tray that doubles as the back cover.

Asian Beauty & Snacks: A Reaction Series

Always curious about a beauty product but worried about how your body will react? Have you passed by food products on your monthly snack trip to T&T and wondered what they taste like? Well, this series did the job of satiating that curiosity! With the help of willing volunteers, you can watch their reactions and determine if these products are for you.

10 editions


Jessie Altura, Kelly-Ann Desouza, Nathan de Jesus, Andrew Lee, Michelangela Samiadji, Teresa Tam, Ryan Tang, Jadda Tsui

Mouth Strengthening

Temporary Double Eyelids

Whitening Cream

Lip Tinting


Take Care, Take It Easy series

This collection is a series of moving diaries, chronicling the thoughts and actions of a person moving through mundane spaces such as a supermarket, dental clinic, bathroom, and laundromat.

Actor: Jadda Tsui

10 editions



Dental clinic


Autumn & Spring Video Mixtapes series

This series takes on the practice of music mixtapes and creates videos to accentuate the mood, melody, and flow of the music.

This series is divided into Autumn and Spring collections, each consisting of four versions.

10 editions for each version




Tucked away at the back of the shop is the gift of edible plants. Ornamental plants not only carry their own meanings and beauty, they’re often high maintenance and expensive. So here, we offer an alternative. These chives starters are low maintenance, simple in beauty, and edible for a large variety of dishes. These hardy plants thrive despite needing small amounts of resources, an admirable plant for those who understand what it means to do the best they can no matter what.

20 editions

Lucky charms

“Product of” Banana Sticker Pin

0.5″ x 1″

This enamel pin takes on the form of a fruit sticker, but instead of fruit, this pin is for people. Much like how the sticker indicates the product, where it came from, and the code so that the store clerk knows how much it costs, this pin is like a sticker for a person who is confused about where they’re from. Rather than a whole banana, this pin is only the banana peel — opened and hollowed out.

200 editions

“Made in” Tag resin keychains

Varying sizes 2 ~ 4″

Each keychain comes in varying shapes, such as stars, tear drops, and hearts. Each one encases a clothing tag that denotes where the clothing article was made. Fast fashion has made clothes easier to buy for many, but at the price of someone else’s home taking on the emotional, physical, and environmental burden of ensuring it. Often times these places are forgotten and tossed aside much like the clothes they’re attached to. These keychains are an attempt at not forgetting, even if it removes the context of the tags and places them into a foreign space.

30 editions

Emotions Mixtapes

Cassette tape sized

Each mixtape is unique and are based on specific emotions.

10 editions

Lucky Rice Baggies

1″ x 1″

These hand sewn cloth baggies contain grains of white rice, which can be used for many things. The bag is sewn with red thread, for good luck. This baggie can be carried around for good luck or as a stress reliever by gently squeezing the baggie.

30 editions

Half-moon 2gb USB Card

Credit card sized

This 2gb USB card houses a custom ghost game.

40 editions

Mini Jar of Lucky Stars

1.5″ x 3″ x 1.5″

Each jar contained origami stars of vary colours and sizes. These stars are made as a form of good luck, like wishing upon a shooting star. A popular and relaxing craft, people have less time as they grow older to make these. So these jars hope to offer some calm for those who used to find comfort in them in their younger years.

20 editions

“Sorry” Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookie sized

Every order was given a complimentary fortune cookie.

All slips say “sorry” in 9 different languages found in East and South East Asian cultures. English was excluded as that was not the language we felt sorry in.

ਅਫ਼ਸੋਸ ਹੈ
माफ़ कीजिये
lấy làm tiếc

200 editions

Contract & Loyalty Card

In order to obtain any of the products listed above, everyone had to sign this contract and check off an “identity” they wish to share. Their commitment is sealed with their fingerprints, allowing for up to 10 stamps. Each fingerprint is then translated as currency they can use to “buy” a product in the form of credits on a Loyalty Card.

The shop keeps the contract.

A Loyalty Card is given after the customer completes their contract. To denote the number of credits this customer has, the sales clerk will hole punch the respective logos to the boxes they checked in the contract.

For example: customer checks off “love” on the contract and has a corresponding fingerprint, then the “love” circle on the top row, second to the right, will be punched with a special shape.

Once all the credits are used, the Loyalty Card will be given a special stamp to denote it is no longer valid. This indicates that the transaction of identity sharing is complete.

The customer gets to keep the Loyalty Card.