The Local’s Lunar Almanac is the perfect resource to navigate daily life through the moon and sun. This Almanac can help guide you through ambiguous moments in life. Like the push and pull of these celestial bodies, we try to find balance through differing forces.

This book is made to be of perfect size to carry around with you, for sudden situations or need of instant comfort.

Books are 4 x 5.5 x 0.5″ and perfect bound by hand. Each version (except Golden) came in editions of 6 and is currently out of print.


This Spring edition is made with a pearlescent green-pink paper cover with a two-part gradient of pink and purple papers.


This Summer edition is made with a red rubber-like paper cover with 24 lb canary yellow paper.

This edition is an upgraded version of the original, Local’s Lunar Almanac 2017.


This Autumn edition is made with a kraft brown paper cover with a two-part gradient of cream and grey papers.


This Winter edition is made with a translucent paper cover with a clear tape spine and a two-part gradient of white and blue papers.


This special edition is made with a gold-like mirrored paper cover with a three-part gradient of cream, yellow and canary papers.

As part of the production of these books, I took part in taking over The New Gallery’s Instagram. The posts cover the step-by-step to hand binding books: