Parts of Other People's Identity Archive

Throughout my projects, I collect information from my audience via contracts in exchange for something physical. This is an ongoing tally of the kinds and numbers of data I have: [last updated August 2018]

Perfect Memory: Authentic Gift Shop (March 2017)

Data collected: 1 ~ 10 fingerprints per contract
Number of contracts: 251
Items exchanged: apparel, books, DVDs, keychains, canned food, USBs, lapel pins, plants, jar of origami stars, bags of rice

Stand-in Tourism (January 2018)

Data collected: preferred fantasy fake vacation in the middle of winter, physical likeness
Number of contracts: 57
Items exchanged: digital copy and/or freshly printed 4x6 photo

PSEUDO CAFÉ (July - August 2018)

Data collected: signatures, initials, last 4 digits of their current debit and/or credit card
Number of contracts: 167
Item exchanged: resin notepad or 1gb wooden USB drive

Trial Mode Instant Vacations (February 2019)

Data collected: photos, signatures, answers to questions regarding their sense of agency
Number of contracts: 45
Item exchanged: 4x6" freshly printed visa

an ordinary hole-in-the-wall along macleod before the railway underpass (April - May 2019)

Data collected: signatures, answers to questions regarding their preferences in mouth feel and why they eat
Number of contracts: 141
Item exchanged: one food dish (out of 9 dishes) / contract