BARD Program

Bookmaking Analytic Research & Development (BARD) Program

BARD is a program where the participant receives a handmade/bound experimental book for free. In exchange, they periodically send feedback and results back to the program.

Books made vary in size, paper, quality and style. The participant can use it however they wish, with the following exceptions.

They cannot:

- Gift it to someone else
- Not use it

The program does not require the participant to return the book after they are finished using it. However, they are welcome to send it back for further research and development.

How often the participant sends feedback is up to them. It could occur throughout or after the book is finished.

Information the program is looking for includes, but not limited to:

- How often it is used
- What it is used for
- How is it carried around
- What medium is used
- The quality of the paper, construction and form
- The aesthetic
- Other criticism or thoughts

To participate, please fill out a form here and indicate what you intend to the use the book for. Examples: sketching, notetaking, scrapbooking, etc.


What kind of book will I receive?

What if I don't live in Calgary? Can I still participate?

How often do I need to use the book?

How do I need to answer all of the questions listed above?

I have some concerns about the book.

What will the research be used for?

Will my name and contact be used for anything?